Friday, January 16, 2009


Shall we set some ground rules?

No name-calling.

Try to phrase criticisms constructively, or preface them with positive statements.

Example: "Kate, I love how you are so open-minded. However, I have to take issue with your statement regarding legalizing the shooting of house cats in the suburbs."

Use "I statements" whenever possible.

Example: "Dad, I feel very angry when you criticize Michelle Obama's wardrobe choices."

Just a start...


  1. Example 2: "Nonie, I love when you come to babysit because it allows my lovely wife and I the opportunity to enjoy an evening out. However, I do take issue with you falling dead asleep on the couch next to my 7 year old while one 5 year old twin is asleep on the dining room floor, the front door is wide open, and the other 5 year old is lost under his bed."

  2. Good Jon! Good! Way to use a totally made up story to illustrate the point.

  3. Now now, we can all name names and cast aspersions over who lost whose child. But I'd rather get back to the real issues...I'm intrigued by this plan to legalize the shooting of housecats. Is there a bill before the House?

  4. I'm with you Tyler; children are lost and found every day. Its not like she mistakenly put the tot on the roof of the car like a cup of coffee and drove away.

    More important, I too am intrigued with the plan to legalize the shooting of house cats especially when found outside! I must admit it seems more humane than my usuall practice of burying them up to their necks just before the lanscapers arrive.

  5. OMFFFFFG, this is not had I, had in mind AT all. I, wanted us to talk about the real issues people, inaugural spending NOT HOUSECATS. I, am disappointed.

    Okay, so...Private donations account for only 43M of the 160M that will be spent on Tuesday, does anyone have anything at all to say, Grammy? help me out here.

  6. ...not WHAT I had in mind...(sorry I'll preview next time) and I was as constructive as I could be and refrained from name-calling...

  7. Okie Dokie Mo Fo. We are back on task just in time to hear the whistle blow on the Lincoln, Obamma, Bidden express! I did some research yesterday and unlike you was able to get some information posted right here in the US of A! The following is a great article for starters.

    Were you aware that Bush had 9 innagurall Balls? I'm guessing the hollywood crowd dissed him in 2005. In addition there are some areas where Bush's spending was more than Barrack. Regardless, these next few days are american traditions that allow us the opportunity to unify as a country, celebrate our democratic process, and honor our heroes, while secretly making alliances so we can kick each others ass on Wednesday!

  8. so BO is better cuz he's having ten balls, not 9, and is supported by a bunch of movie stars who take political stands, and try to desparately to influence people with absolutely no credibility but their plastic selves that we support by buying tabloid magazines?

    be careful that when your knee jerks like that it doesn't break your nose...

  9. OMG, talk about a one track mind. Let me spell it out.

  10. This is SO not what I had in mind.

  11. non, you have no opinions? and, what did you have in mind non?

  12. didnt mean to use ur name twice non. damn, i have to start previewing. you have a cute nose leen

  13. Hey Non -
    I cant believe that Aretha wore your hat at the inauguration.

  14. Is it ok if a Harte jumps in?

    Justice would be truly served if Madoff were made to sign the Inaguaral check.

    It would be hard for me find a political seat that is far enough to the left. It sickened me to see a minister that views the love I share with Renee as an abomination and sinful give the inaugural blessing. And then I cried as Aretha Franklin brought a lovely yet formaly pretty staid American song to the heights of gospel beauty that could make a Hasidic Jew sing the praises of Jesus. I watched as a few older black men saluted through the service and saw a group of Tuskegee Airman and the awe and pure joy was evident on their faces. Also a sense of grace and victory that I would not have had the patience to wait for.

    I believe we have elected a man who has seen the danger of eight years of extreme view. While there is a part of me that actually respects George W's committment to following his moral compass, it is not only his to follow. He represents all of us.

    No one person can represent all points of view...we'd have a psycho in the White House...but I believe we have elected someone who can walk the middle road with passion and dignity.

    My personal hope is that I can choose the person I want to love and committ my life to without having to create special words, ceremony and catagories to have the legal right to do so. However, as passionate as I feel about that, the agenda of unemployed Americans, families without health insurance, children with third and fourth rate educations, the return to trust of our financial foundation takes precident.

    At the risk of sounding simplistic, I'm not sure we need any uber educated financial geniuses to get us out of this mess. Perhaps we should heed the advise of Tom and Gerry who managed to raise 7 kids, own a home and put them all through college. They know how to follow a budget.

    Thanks for letting me jump in. I promise not to intrude unless I am at the point of spontaneous combustion

  15. Mary Jo, I welcome your comments at any time, not just at the point of spontaneous combustion.

    I must say to Jon that if Aretha did borrow Noelle's hat, I want to see it at the White Elephant PHAWEGE next year because I want it.
    (How's that for an I statement).

    Mary Jo,your compliment to Tom and Gerry is right on especially as they celebrate 60 years of marriage on the 29th of this month. What an accomlishment and blessing! Their dedication, sacrifice, and alot of knocking on clients doors after the dinner hour kept their budget in line.