Monday, January 19, 2009

Another Attempt at a New Thread

Some of us seem to be trying to kill this family gathering place before it even gets going. Another leading comment about whether or not the inaugural spending is atrocious will almost certainly do that. And I'm going to do my best to prevent that from happening. I would suggest, instead of trying to sway family members to a position of your choosing, you organize with others of like mind and inform your representatives in government of your collective objections. Funny thing; that is the exact kind of activism that the president in question has spent his entire career trying to engender in politics and amongst his constituents.

Full disclosure: I also think that the inaugural spending is completely unwarranted and over the top. But I'm more inclined to work (harder, if need be) at my own job, that I am good at and interested in, to fund the changes that I think are needed and being worked towards in government, than I am to work at developing grassroots community organizations devoted to eliminating profligate spending. If you're equally adept at the latter as the former, by all means, pick up a megaphone and lead the march. If not, then you better keep that blackberry humming, because if the far left has its way, it ain't going to be cheap, and you're returns on your 401k won't pay for it all, or at least not for some time.

But despite the inauspicious start, I'm in favor of giving the new guy a chance to eliminate some of the presuppositions about how government needs to function before we start attacking him based on a party to celebrate said new initiatives. Looking backwards at the previous regime certainly does not bode well for anyone wanting to compare one administration's ability to conserve resources to another's. The spending of taxpayer money in the last 8 years virtually defines profligate; the ends were entirely different, but equally fruitless. Small government, it was not.

Well, there went my attempts at a new thread. But I've still got time, assuming you're still reading and with it being a holiday and all....

So I'm still getting married at the end of the year, though I wish it were a lot sooner. But I'd like to solicit my family members for any words of wisdom with regard to embarking on a lifelong partnership, be they about planning a wedding, the event itself, handling finances, continuing to develop our relationship, starting a family, whatever you can think of. Coming from an extended family with such strong bonds, I can't help but think that each and every one of you has something to offer that Lizzie and I can incorporate into our life together. Looking forward to any responses.

Thanks, Happy MLK Day.


  1. Alright, now we're getting somewhere. What a great new thread Ty-Ty!

    I love your thinking and perspective, and your solution is delightfully conservative, ie, when in doubt put your head down and work.

    I'm fascinated at the way we Americans can't, or don't want to see past the glitz of entertainment to what's really happening. We all kind of know that people get elected by saying certain things that we're moved by, but then when in office it's perfectly acceptable to do something completely different (witness Bush's large government) I suppose it's our eternal optimism that makes it all okay.

    Speaking of eternal optimism, that's exactly what you need to plan a wedding and get married.

    My advice, starting now sit back and just enjoy the ride, you can't control as much as you think you can, and it's liberating to realize that. You can't change or mold your partner, they are what they are and they are not a reflection of you and you are not a reflection of them.

    Nothing teaches you to give up control more than kids, so have them quickly, invite the chaos, let it in and let it teach you to give up the TV remote control of life, to the universe.

    One more thing, stay close to your friends, dating other couples is not only a great release but it helps define who you two are as a couple.


  2. I'm late, I know, but I've been out of town. First of all, I am not commenting on the balls, because I think you all covered it pretty well, but having said that I will say I do like a good party as much as the next person.

    Secondly, I did hear an interesting thing this morning about the fact that Obama made over 500 promises during his campaign (which I guess is more than most make) and there is a group that is holding him responsible and keeping track. Scary thought for him...500 is a lot of promises. I wish him well and hope he can succeed.

    Thirdly, Tim E., great comments and advice for Ty. I agree with all of your points and would only add that I think it's important to keep in mind your love will change with the years. Try to always remember what it is you found so amazing that you had to commit yourselves to each other from the start.

    Something I was thinking about while writing this...should love be unconditional in a marriage as it is with your children? You know, "'til death do us part?" Exactly what does that mean and is it still used in wedding vows? Something to ponder?