Saturday, January 17, 2009

Am I here in the blog yet?

I used an I statement.


  1. Why is my initial comment in the Blog Archive to your left?
    I may have to bow out before I even begin if this is how I am going to participate.

  2. Beth, you are doing just fine. You simply demonstrated how to start a new topic of conversation (or "thread"). Obviously you were as tired of Tim and Elaine's incoherent back and forth as I was. All new topics come up to the left under archives - it is kind of like a table of contents for the blog.

  3. Beth, welcome, you did it!

    I thought we could use this space to share stories, articles, forwarded bits of information, advice you might want on a certain topic, websites you think people would enjoy...or -- to talk about the current atrocity of inaugural spending, any thoughts on that?

  4. Apparently I am doing something wrong as the comments I have made (just to see if I have included myself in the blogo) appear in other areas of the blog rather than in the conversation that is flowing.

  5. I think I got it now...quite a process.
    Now it should be clear to you why there is a turtle on my profile.

  6. Although I am encouraged by your comments, Tim and Noelle,I am concerned that I am the only one with a garbage can(or a laundry detergent cap) next to the date and time of my comment.
    Is the blogo trying to tell me something?

    I must solve these mundane curiosities before I can take part in trying to solve world problems.