Monday, July 19, 2010

Where Has the Pondering Gone?

What happened? Do us Pontarelli's no longer ponder? I sure hope not. Perhaps we need a prompt to get this blog back on its feet...

Finish this sentence: "I never thought I'd..."

May we never stop the ponder.

Kate Motor Mouth Short Hairs


  1. Okay, I've come to realize why I had to ponder on this for so very long (although truth be known I haven't thought of it much since I first saw it 7 months ago). Never the less,I actually had a very hard time answering this and pondered on it until I realized I very seldom use the word "never" unless quoting the well known quip "never say never". In my experience, just when you say never...something happens that makes "never" occur and you have to eat your words. I hate when that happens. So, if you leave everything to be a possibility you won't have to finish a sentence that starts with "I never thought I'd..."

  2. Good point, Eileen. Well, anyone have another prompt in mind, since that one never really got going anyhow?