Tuesday, October 20, 2009

First of all, Happy Birthday Ty Ty Tyroni!

Secondly, I thought I would start this Pontarelli Ponderings back up in hopes of getting the ball rolling on points of interest me might like to discuss. Here is my point of interest in the past week...

I have been down here in Ponce with Lynn and Eileen and Gramps, having a gay old time. Lynn and I even got a famous Tony tour and climbed the lighthouse yesterday. It was hard walking into 87 Calumet for the first time and not seeing Gram across the way, sitting in her favorite chair out by the pool, reading a book or finishing a crossword. But the familiar smell of the house and the ocean swept over me, and it was bittersweet to realize how much I missed Gram but how many lovely memories we have all shared in that house!

So, my birthday arrived and I told my parents I wanted to spend it at the beach. As we were lounging away, I had a secret wish to see some dolphins make a little birthday entrance for me. Well, sure enough, a few hours later there they were, just their fins popping out of the water as they strolled by. But then out of nowhere, one does this incredible flip/twist while jutting out of a wave! I have never seen anything like it in Ponce, especially in the ocean (most dolphin sightings are in the inlet). Then another one jumped, and then one was carrying on by flapping its tail on the water. Another Grammy miracle perhaps?? I like to think so!

So, I will throw out a question, and feel free to answer if you like. Just to get us pondering once again. If we are to be reincarnated, and to choose what animal we would like to come back as, what animal (or creature, what have you) do you think Gram would have chosen? Or, what animal would you choose for Gram, and why?

Happy Ponderings.
Kate Wodder of Short Hairs

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