Monday, February 2, 2009

Motor Mouth Wodder With Shocking Current Events

While the fate of our country is terribly important, and I have enjoyed reading all of these brilliantly written, heartfelt posts (bravo fam), I have some tragic news I fear we would be foolish to ignore (not to mention, unenlightened (synonym of "ignorant", didn't want to put "ignor-" twice, as to come off sounding "imprudent"... The thesaurus is my bible... but religion will have to wait for the next post).

First of all, I know Mandy and Jon, offspring and newly engaged Linds and Ferber, are all headed to the ski slopes in T-minus a few months. I would be remiss not to warn you of your possible fate. Jon, please do not embarrass your son by pulling a stunt like this. These are critical years in your children's lives, one slip up and you may never hear the end of it. For instance, Eileen refused to let me play the trumpet when I was younger. Has she ever heard the end of it? No, she hasn't. Have I missed out on being the next famous trumpet player? You bet your bottom dollar. Don't let this be your fate M and J, and Ty, this doubles as my words of advice to you and Lizzie as you set sail on the wings of love. Also, brush your teeth regularly. Bad breath really puts a damper on romance as well as aspiring to meet "couple friends", as Timmy recommended. One shot, that's all you've got. So far, neither of you has offended me while conversing, so you're off to a great start.

Here is the site:

Also, I want to take a moment to reflect on the terrible attack of an innocent bicycler at Timmy and I's old stomping grounds; University of Colorado. I just hope to God the cows at Wagner Farm don't start getting any ideas from these crazy Boulder cows...:

And lastly, so I come off as "learned" and politically involved/concerned:

God Speed,
Kate Wodder of the short hairs and the big Motor Mouth


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  2. Motor shorthairs,
    Very interesting sites you have taken us to. Thank you for these entertaining tidbits. I do not see a profile photo of you though...I thought you said you posted one. I am going to ignore the comment about the trumpet...I'm just not going to correct your misguided memory one more time.

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